Clarus Hall has access to the industry's premier insurance companies.  This allows us to remain product agnostic and
tailor each solution appropriately and only in the best interest
of the client.


Investing in technology means our advisors stay at the forefront of our industry.

If we are truly going to help our advisors grow their business, we need to stay on top of technological developments in our industry and provide our advisors with the access and education necessary to use these tools. Over the last year, we have made strategic investments in advanced tools so we can offer our advisors unmatched support and expertise.  Below is a list of the tools and features Clarus Hall advisors have access to.

In-Force Policy Management 

View all of your policies in one place and easily monitor ongoing performance with up-to-date values, reporting, and alerting.

Interactive Client Proposals 

A simplified visual aid to accompany the long carrier illustrations.  Ensight allows you to compare up to four products at once via graphs and charts so you and your clients can easily digest the differences of competing products.

Mobile Application for Easy Quoting 

Simplify quoting and applications with our phone/tablet app. Clients can easily see quotes and apply right through our proprietary application.

Advanced Underwriting Tools & Support 

Easily assess a client’s potential insurance rating by going through an intuitive program that predicts a client’s risk class as an overall picture of health is established.

Secure, Cloud-Based Access to Files 

Each Clarus Hall advisor gets a dedicated, secure account.  This database houses all their files, and allow for the easy storage, editing, and sharing of all relevant documents.