We advocate for our industry and its unique ability to create long-lasting effects for future generations.

Our Story

Clarus Hall is the next evolution of producer group for the experienced insurance advisor. Born from a traditional brokerage, we found that our best ability, and what we liked doing most, was truly partnering with our top advisors and functioning as an extension of their businesses. By leveraging our expertise, infrastructure, and passion, we are able to create a powerful community with a voice that will be heard and can positively affect our industry.

Clarus Hall was formed in early 2018 from the creators of Producer Resources.  We have found that we can add the expertise, resources, and value that the elite life insurance advisor needs in growing their practice. We have implemented staff, technology and sales support to give our Partners the back-office they require, while giving them the comradery of an producer group where they can idea share and find new and better ways to grow their practice.

Our Values

Purposeful growth

Both personally and professionally, we aim to grow a little bit each day and are deliberate in our attempts to help others do the same.

Beneficial Collaboration

By creating a community of bright, resourceful people, we provide more value for our individual clients than we ever could alone.

Focused integrity

We keep honesty and the highest moral standards in the front of our minds, and remain steadfastly committed to always doing the right thing.

Our Name

“Clarus” is Latin for clear, bright, and upstanding. We partnered it with “Hall” because we want our members to think of our group not as a static place, but somewhere they can move forward with bright, like-minded people.