Above all, we share a dedication to our clients who can be broken into the following categories:


These individuals and families are direct clients of our Partners.  Often these clients are financially stable and looking for assistance securing, accumulating and transferring their wealth.  By utilizing the unique tax-efficiencies of life insurance, these clients have options when looking to protect and grow their estates.


These clients are typically business owners looking to protect their companies and retain the employees that have made their company so successful.  Utilizing insurance products, they make sure their business succession plan is in place and have retention strategies in place to reward key employees and make sure their business is protected in case those employees are unable to perform for a variety of reasons.

Attorneys, CPAs, and Investment Professionals

Clarus Hall Partners are also brought in by other professionals in an advisory capacity to consult as the insurance expert for an end-client.  Among others, we work with CPAs, Attorneys and Family Offices to make sure that the insurance component of an elaborate financial plan is handled properly and in the best interest of the client.